Reviewing Animal Shelters in the Netherlands

Dierenasiel Crailo en dierenasiel Almere

Dierenasiel Crailo en dierenasiel Almere (Animal Shelter Crailo and Animal Shelter Almere) each year collect more than 5,000 pets from their region which are brought in as stray animals or which are abandoned by their owners.

Dierenasiel Crailo is located in Hilversum and collects pets from the Gooi, Eemland and Vecht region. Zusterasiel Almere is located in Almere and collects pets from Almere e.o. Stray and long-distance pets are first quarantined for 14 days, a period in which they can also relax after an often stressful period. Only after the quarantine period can they be rehomed.

All shelter animals have been dewormed, vaccinated, medically examined and, if necessary, treated.